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Has 2020 Given US Better Vision?

Even though I am wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with faith, hope, joy and love - I am also hoping that we remember 2020 and that it has Given Us Better Vision for 2021! Things happen in life - some good and some horrendous! I believe that we can say that 2020 showed both aspects of “life” in greater clarity. It was almost as if all that could crush us came together as the perfect storm of possible destruction. 

Although I will not say God planned or orchestrated all that happened in 2020 because I can’t- I will say that God was not only speaking to the world in the midst of all this, but God provided us with the glasses needed to make our vision better by inviting us to take inventory of what’s really important. By putting on our new glasses - we can look back and see that tragedy and crisis are great magnifiers enabling us to see more clearly the underlying situations we might have otherwise ignored or dismissed. But by being able to see and focus on them - they can no longer be ignored. And what we experienced shouldn’t be ignored because I believe God wants us to put on our new 2020 glasses so that by wearing them we can see that God is also leading us to a better future. 


However, we have already caught a glimpse of that future when we began to realize that life isn’t just about “ME”- it’s about “US”. We saw people reaching out to inquire about one another's health and wellbeing-not just family or friends, but strangers. We saw extraordinary compassion and care-not just from healthcare workers, but within our communities. We further saw this when people from all walks of life-from many different ethnicities and cultures- stood up saying they weren’t going to accept things the way they were and are continuing to push for changes. We saw this as we’ve seen a renewed openness to spiritual conversations with people who might otherwise never consider entering the door of a house of worship. 


If we take what we have learned in 2020 and will be committed to keeping our new glasses on, we would be able to see a future of hope, empathy, kindness and unity. But this can only happen IF we take seriously God’s command to love God-neighbors-strangers - and ourselves enough to do a better job in caring for all that God created - the earth and everything that lives upon it. I am convinced that God has gotten the attention of many and I believe that with our new 2020 vision - TOGETHER we can and will make a difference in this New Year. We just need to be reminded to keep our new glasses on.

Happy New Year and may our God of Hope be with you as we enter into 2021 and as we continue the journey, 

Pastor Susan